Sunilium Ltd. became 1 year old

I freshly starting firms’ first year can be very critical, especially when unpredictable events like this years virus situation shows up. Despite all, Sunilium Ltd. can leave a very successful and eventful year behind. This, we celebrated properly.

But let’s see what this year passed on with?

During the summer of 2019 we searched the internet and the whole city to find the company’s new headquarters to start the effective work. After some potential options, many many kilometers, numerous ads, phone calls and estate visit we found our most suitable office in the city of sunshine. After a little painting, drywall making and cleaning everybody could seize its own workstation.

Our next urging task was to find the name, logo and main design of the company. Our most sparkling ideas of course I won’t tell, let’s say we had some funny, catchy, awkward and extremely creative idea as well. But joint brainstorming finally ended up with a great result and Sunilium Ltd. was officially established on the 21st of October in 2019.

At Christmas we celebrated the start of a new era with a huge party and started to plan the next year. Throughout the evening we also got a taste of our master chefs barbeque knowledge. About this we will spare some secrets in our following posts.

Nobody could have imagined what the year of 2020 will bring us, but when spring came, as many others caring and worrying of our and our beloved ones health, we started to work at home and exploit what home office can give us. We didn’t slow down and by the end of summer we started normal working process at fully dashing strength until the moment came to close down our first year. And how perfectly this celebration went? Let the pictures speak for me…

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