Agile workshop @ Jun 3

Continuous improvement and learning is very important in the life of a software development team. We always pay close attention to this and we are also extremely eager to knowledge. That’s why we were very delighted and happy when we managed to contact István Novák, who came to us for a day and held a workshop for us.

István presenting some intresting facts about the agile

Who wouldn’t know, István is an Agile Coach Architect, Software Engineer and Microsoft MVP, who usually tells people: “Most of my time I train and coach teams for agile software development and teach them how to use modern tools and practices.”

With his help, we talked throught agility and he introduced us to the SMP approach. We talked a lot about testing and different .NET technologies. We told him what products we are working on and how we are implementing and solving everyday agility issues. We closed yesterday in a great mood, after which everyone left home satisfied and thought through the directions discussed during the day.



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